Vapor Cigarettes

Vapor Cigarettes

2016’s Best Vapor Cigarettes

One of the hardest things in life is learning to quit smoking. When you’re used to smoking more than 1 pack of tobacco cigarettes per day, it will take so much hard work, willpower, and deep-seated determination to quit.

The medical industry has producedsolutionsto this problem, but only one alternative has become popular and trendy that it might just be the answer to every smoker’s problem.

Vapor cigarettes are fast becoming the hottest new thing to smoking, and this review will tell you why.

An Overview of Vapor Cigarettes

Vapor cigarettes are also known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. A vapor cigarette is an electronic device that uses batteries to stimulate the smoking sensation of actual tobacco cigarettes. Typically, it looks just like a tobacco cigarette but other devices also look like large fountain pens.

These devices typically have a cartridge, where an e-liquid is placed, an atomizer which is the electronic device that converts the liquid into vapor, batteries, and a led tip that lights up when the user inhales through the device.

An e-liquid usually contains propylene glycol, nicotine, flavoring, and glycerin. The amount of nicotine in an e-liquid can be customized, from zero nicotine to higher levels depending on the preference of the user.

Charging the batteries can be done through wall chargers or USB chargers.

Vapor cigarettes have become the go-to alternative for smokers who want to reduce their instances of tobacco smoking. Though e-cigs are not advertised as solutions to quit smoking, many users have found them to be effective tools to ease the transition between tobacco smoking to not smoking at all.

Vapor Cigarettes Pros:

  •     >Alleviated desire to smoke tobacco cigarettes Because the sensations of vaping is very similar to actual tobacco smoking, it lessens a smoker’s desire to smoke often. This can eventually lead to a person quitting smoking altogether.
  •     >Get your nicotine fix without the carcinogensThis means using vapor cigarettes is generally healthier than tobacco smoking. While tobacco contains thousands of harmful carcinogens that increase your risk for cancer, you get to enjoy your nicotine fix with electronic cigarettes but without the danger.
  •     >No second-hand smoke Loved ones and friends will tell you to go out of the house to smoke – not with vapor cigs. The vapor they produce do not cause actual smoke, so they don’t smell bad and they’re not dangerous to your health. And, you can even customize the flavor so the vapor can smell like vanilla, chocolate, or even fruits.

Vapor Cigarettes Cons:

  •     >Can be addictiveSince nicotine is the reason why people are addicted to tobacco in the first place, using an ecig can also be addictive.
  •     >Not enough clinical trialsThe long-term use of vapor cigarettes has not been clinically studied and their effects on your health have not been well-documented, either. Though, in theory, ecigs are healthier than tobacco, scientific proof is not yet available.

Benefits and What to Expect

edmeralWhen you use vapor cigarettes, expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  •     >Reduction of tobacco consumption
  •     >Lowered health risks
  •     >Ability to “smoke” anytime and anywhere
  •     >More enjoyable with thousands of choices for flavors
  •     >Customize nicotine levels or enjoy “smoking” with no nicotine at all
Where to Find the Best Vapor Cigarettes

Since its launch in the industry in 2007, electronic cigarettes have become the most popular smoking alternative. They feel, look, and taste just like tobacco but without the harm that comes with smoking. You can use e-liquids that contain different flavors to satisfy your cravings, and you can also choose your nicotine levels for a personalized vaping experience.

Though they haven’t been proven to be effective in helping people quit smoking, they do offer an alternative for anyone who wants to take that first step to living a healthier lifestyle.

Vapor Cigarettes

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