The HCG Controversy


The HCG Controversy

HCG has been a part of cheers and joy with those who have just lost the unwanted flab from their bodies. HCG has been a part of success stories with those who tried almost everything to cut their body fats, but got the ultimate results only with HCG diet. At the same time, HCG has been a part of some major controversies where medical authorities don’t approve its vital utility for weight loss. Many people have claimed some serious health issues arising with the HCG weight loss plan. Here we have tried to bring a genuine answer to some of these controversies to help those shed down the dilemma of whether to use HCG or not.

Controversy: HCG isn’t medically approved

Truth: This statement is partially correct. HCG is the base of modern day pregnancy tests. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is secreted through women’s placenta during pregnancy. And FDA (Food and Drug administration) even approved the use of HCG for infertility treatments. Though FDA hasn’t approved the use of HCG for weight loss, but still they can’t deny the health benefits of this Hormone therapy.

Controversy: Use of HCG for weight loss is baseless

Truth: Many anti HCG physicians have given the same reason for its disapproval. But the fact is HCG has the natural capacity to reduce fat. HCG is present there in human bodies both in males and females but generally remains dormant. It becomes active during pregnancy when it is secreted in excess amounts. The major role of this hormone is to channelize Fats from the body to nourish the developing fetus inside the mother.

Controversy: HCG cause health loss

Truth: Many people have reported some side effects like weakness, illness with HCG weight loss. HCG is always recommended under physician prescription. A big fact that we all need to realize is HCG isn’t for everyone. Only those who are physically healthy can go with the HCG diet plan. HCG weight loss plan requires limiting daily calorie intake to a significantly low level. No doubt this calorie intake content can be customized to suit particular individual, but still there is need of a good Physician to partner you in the weight loss. Only a good physician can tell what kind of diet is suitable and sufficient for you.

On the concluding note, one can say nothing in the world is perfect. Its only up to you how you make the perfect use of it. HCG may not be fit for few individuals, otherwise this is a natural, safe and effective way to cut flab from your body. Follow the doctor prescription and control your calorie intakes and you can see the results with your body, just after a few day use.


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