Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) The terms and conditions given in this website are applicable for all kind of users who use this website. All the users who are using this website will follow the rules stated here. If anyone has any indifference of opinion with the terms then one must stop making use of this website immediately. This terms and conditions are specified to maintain the relationship between the users and this website.

2) The information and reviews which are present in this website is solely owned by the website. If any of the information is used outside in any other website then it would be considered as a punishable offence. This website owns all of its designs, graphics, and customer privileges. Reproducing any part of this website is not advised and will be considered as an offence.

3) Only users above a certain age of 21 are allowed to use this website and purchase the products.

4) The users are not permitted to advertise in this website for personal purposes. This website cannot be used for commercial purpose by its users.

5) The products available and sold in this website should be used only for the correct purpose. If it is used for something illegal then the concerned person will be dealt with severely.

6) The users are not allowed to disclose the information to any third party websites. Releasing the details anywhere outside the website will be taken into account and the concerned will be punished.

7) All the products that are available in this website have thirty days warranty. If the product is damaged in any way within the warranty period then the product will be replaced. If it exceeds the warranty period then the website does not provide any guarantee for the product.

8) If any dispute occurs between the users and the website, then the case has to be settled within the high court only. Only the cases which do not agree with the terms and conditions will be suitable for settling.

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