Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. And that's why we advise you to take a moment and read this privacy policy statement before you can actually go ahead and make an informed decision on whether to use this website or not.

Privacy policy administers all contents regarding information on the website. It has few standardized rules and regulations upon which HCG diet information sharing and protection runs throughout the world. All the collected information is use in upgrading the websites performance and to frequently send emails with respect to customer support services.

Your consents

When you use our website or order hcg diet via this site , you agree to the terms of this privacy policy statement and consent to our free collection, use or disclosure of your private information in any manner that we see fit. Similarly, if you're not in agreement with anything described in this statement, don't use our website or even order

Collection of information

We mainly collect your personal information when you sign up with us or decide to order any of our products. This information may include your name, email address, physical address or telephone number. This information is then discarded or stored safely in our database to help us in serving you better in the future. In addition to the private information we collect, we also collect you non-personal information. This information is purposely collected to show us how you use our website. This, in turn, helps us to see how best we can improve the site to make your navigation even easier.


A cookie is a small file that's generally stored in your computer's hard drive when you're using our website, or any other website, before being send to our server. We mostly use cookies to monitor the traffic in our website or provide us with statistical information for the assessment and analysis of our services.

Sharing of information

Our website has several links that lead to our affiliates or third party websites. Even though we're normally selective in choosing whom we work with, we're not responsible for any form of liability or misconduct from them. You have to know that once you click those links to open their websites, you become bound by their privacy policy and not our own. We, however, do not share your private information with any of our partners or anywhere else unless it's part of our transaction or we're required by the law to do so for security purposes.

Sharing of information is limited as only the non personal identification knowledge is open to all for access. This may provide data about the type of computer and which web browser the person is using. But other user information are not rented or sold and those used in advertising are asked for permission directly from customer.

It corresponds to the various activities on the site and so personal information may be used as identification with courtesy to the website and the services available. They are not open to all and may be collected only by volunteered notification. This comes under the protection of information category of the policy. Apposite data handling measures secure personal information and protect it from misuse.

Changes on this privacy policy

Changes to this policy are not fixed and can change at any moment without aforementioned notice. The site developers update the revised date of change to the privacy policy on the website. This might be a warning to recheck the new policy statement before using their services.

We're allowed to change any section of this privacy policy statement at any time without a prior notice or warning to our clients. It's upon you as a client to stay updated on the changes made by re-visiting this statement from time to time.


Agreement to terms is extremely necessary in order to use the site. If people do not accept its conditions after they are enhanced, they may not continue any further. Any forgery to try and break the mended terms of the site would be tracked and taken serious action upon.

The cookie policy of this site includes that it may use several cookies for the betterment of the business. It is personal fault if any browser does no support cookies then the customer may not be able to see few features.

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