Human Chorionic Gonadotropin


The human chorionic gonadotropin diet, commonly referred to as the HCG diet, uses the hormone HCG to help in weight loss. The use of the hormone in weight loss is attributed to Doctor Simeons who discovered that the hormone was produced in pregnant women in order to use the fat reserves in the body to nourish the fetuses. The HCG consumes the abnormal fat found around the hips and thighs which is usually lying there idly.

The product has been used by many women since it was first discovered by the good doctor in the 1950s. many women who have used it right have been able to shed a substantial amount of weight. However, there are those women who did not and many more who continue not to follow the instructions correctly. This has resulted in them not getting the desired effect of the diet on their bodies.

There are certain terms and conditions that a client should adhere to before and during the use of the HCG diet plan. These have been put up in order to avoid a situation where a client has legal ground to sue the company if she does not get the desired results. The company will not be held liable for the mistakes or negligence of the user.

First of all the user has to comply with the terms and conditions that have been stipulated on the privet review site before she can be allowed to purchase the diet plan online. The user must also agree to the responsible use and conduct of the product in question and should not hold the company liable if she fails to follow the prescribed instructions. This includes using the plan alongside other diet plans without the company’s knowledge. In addition to this, the client will receive a warranty of 30 days after which the warranty lapses.


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