hCG Injections for Weight Loss


hCG Injections for Weight Loss

The HCG diet utilizes the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone that is usually produced by a developing embryo to support its growth during pregnancy. However, the HCG is used by both men and women as a weight loss diet supplement that is administered either as HCG drops or injections. This diet supplement was invented in 1950 by Dr. Simeons, who noticed unexplained and quick weight loss among the people who were consuming the HCG drug for other reasons.

 How HCG diet works

As stated above, Dr Oz HCG is a hormone that defends the embryo during growth. By administering it, you trick your body to believing that it’s pregnant and has to protect the growing embryo by providing it with enough energy. This will in turn trigger the body to speed up the metabolic process so as to burn up the excess fat and calories before turning them to useful energy.

These phases include:

  • The loading phase: this is always the first phase and it lasts for about three days. This phase aims at preparing the body for low calorie intake and HCG diet plan.
  •  The maintenance phase: this is the most essential part of the HCG diet. It lasts for about 21 – 45 days depending on the user’s patience and choice. The HCG diet supplements and the calorie diet should be strictly followed during this phase.
  •  The stabilization phase: this is the final phase that lasts for about 1 – 2 weeks. The HCG diet should be followed keenly during this phase so as to ensure consistent weight loss and maintain general body health.

 Benefits of HCG diet

  •  Boosts the immune system: HCG improves the production of white blood cells that are used to fight illnesses. It also assists in the fast healing of wounds that are caused by injury hence reducing the chances of infection.
  •  Fast metabolism: HCG diet works to stimulate the thyroid gland that takes care of the body’s metabolism. Stimulation of the body’s metabolism leads to burning of the excess calories and fat hence weight loss.
  •  Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure: Both cholesterol and blood pressure are directly related to obesity. HCG diet assists in burning of fats and calories that lead to obesity.
  •  Maintain muscle mass: HCG diet is very unique since it does not trigger muscle wasting. It prevents the burning away of muscles for energy by commanding the body to burn only excess fat and calories.
  •  Balances hormone levels: imbalanced hormones are one of the main causes of obesity. HCG diet strives to balance the hormone levels to the standard normal levels for effective operations and performance.

The HCG diet is gaining a lot of popularity due to its effectiveness and quality. Its effectiveness is attributed to the fact that it uses a natural body hormone that is very safe and proficient. HCG is a diet supplement that is ideal for everyone who suffers from obesity and wants to embrace a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


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