HCG Hormone Functions


HCG-Side-EffectsPeople interested to loose weight usually follow HCG hormone diet. This diet has emerged to be the most effective weight loss strategy that is perfectly suitable for both men and women. If you go through testimonials and reviews, you will discover that most of the dieters are satisfied with their results.

Base of this diet plan is restrictions. When you are following HCG weight loss protocol you take low calorie diet that works best with HCG hormone doses. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone remains available to body but in dormant state. It becomes active during pregnancy. Its active secretion in urine triggers hypothalamus to raise body metabolism, which channelizes stored fats from the body to nourish developing fetus.

Usually this hormone is taken as sublingual drops or HCG shots. It has worked incredibly well with individuals aspiring to loose weight. Dieters using HCG never run out of energy, even after going through low calorie dietary intakes. There are no painful carvings either. HCG is a good hunger suppressant that doesn’t allow dieter to feel hungry.

So what are you waiting for? Go for HCG and regain the slim and sexy shape and your lost confidence.


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