HCG for Men

HCG for menUse of HCG for men has been crippled by a number of myths. HCG is a pregnancy hormone and certainly for this reason it is often considered non suitable for men. But the fact is during pregnancy HCG enters the fetus and it facilitates the development of male gonads as well. So for men, HCG isn’t anything exotic.

Several men would question the fact how HCG can help them loose fats. Well in that case, HCG irrespective of males or females has the tendency to control body metabolism. Its secretion during pregnancy triggers hypothalamus to raise body metabolism and release fats from the body. Dr, simeons, founder of HCG weight loss protocol states that when an individual either male or female are injected with HCG in small doses, get their metabolism raised that in turn leads to loss of fats. So this has nothing to be with being male or female, HCG can do the same for either of them.

Another important question that arises is that if HCG is safe for men? HCG is entirely safe for both men and women. Hundreds of males have tried this HCG weight loss plan and none of them have been reported with any side effects or health loss.

To conclude, we can say that HCG is completely safe and equally effective for men as it is for female counterparts. This gives the similar weight loss results to them as well, in fact this is the simplest and most effective way to loose fats and move to a healthier lifestyle.


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