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A revolutionary new diet plan that everyone is talking about right now is HCG which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. We reviewed the best HCG products available in the market and compiled them here – what it is, how it works, which are the top HCG products you can buy, and how HCG is different from other diets.

HCG Diet Plan for Quick Weight Loss

HCG is a human hormone produced by the body during pregnancy. Research has suggested that a small, daily HCG dose results in weight loss of between 1 to 2 pounds per day, or more, when it is accompanied by a very low calorie diet. For most people, normal diets, even in combination with exercise, don’t keep unwanted fats from reappearing once they revert to normal eating habits. The benefit of HCG diet is that it only targets the abnormal fat that isn’t required by the body, preventing the fat from accumulating again.

The HCG diet is one that is completely unprecedented by any diet ever, in any location of the world. HCG is a hormone that nourishes the fetus with stored fat when a woman is pregnant. So, how could this work on someone who is not pregnant? The HCG still consumes the fat, but instead of delivering the fat to the fetus, it exits the body. This allows for incredibly fast weight loss when paired with a low-calorie diet.

HCG Diet Plan Phases – Complete HCG Diet Guide

The first part of the HCG diet is an easy one. You must take two days to eat normally, but also intake HCG pills. This allows for your body to get used to the HCG before the dieting begins. Then, on the third day, you start the dieting while taking the pills. The diet consists of fruits, vegetables, and small portions of protein-packed meats. While this won’t be the most satisfied you have ever been, there is almost never a presence of hunger pains, because fat is being burned and used by the body in the process. The protein from the meat and the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables sustain you, but do nothing more. If you were to consume wheat or sugar, it would slow down the fat burning process because it would be something other than the fat that the body would be able to use as an absolute form of energy. Then, after you have lost enough weight, you stop taking the pills and stay on your 500 calorie diet for 2 more days. This allows the HCG to completely exit the body.

In conclusion, the HCG one is pretty complex, but there is only one thing we need to know: It works. There has yet to be found another way to burn fat in as healthy a manner as the HCG diet. The only thing you have to lose when using the HCG diet is as much weight as you want.

HCG products are available in the form of drops that can be taken orally for quick absorption by the body. Laboratories have now been able to create a homeopathic preparation of HCG that isn’t prohibitively expensive. The HCG diet plan is simple to follow andthe HCG products are natural and safe with no adverse side effects.

Review of HCG for Weight Loss

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