HCG Diet Phases


HCG Diet Phases

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People today are much more health conscious. They want to look young and attractive. That is why popularity of HCG weight loss therapy is rising day by day. HCG weight loss protocol is safe and effective way to get rid of extra body fats in less time.

HCG Diet plan mainly comprises of four phases. A brief description of these is discussed below:

  • Phase 1: This is phase of detoxification. In this phase you prepare you mind and body for HCG weight loss plan.
  • Phase 2: This is often referred as loading phase. In this phase you are allowed to consume as much as you want. This phase is about building up fat content in the body to survive the upcoming low calorie diet plan. Dieters apparently like this phase, but it lasts for a couple of days only.
  • Phase 3: This is the ultimate HCG phase. Your doctor will give you small doses of HCG and will subscribe you a low calorie diet. The calorie intake is reduced to a lower level during this phase that continues for few weeks. You will notice your urge to take food declining to incredible rates and body coming in shape.
  • Phase 4: This is last phase of HCG weight loss therapy. Often referred as maintenance phase, dieter is suggested to give up HCG doses but stick to low calorie diet for first few days. Gradually, dietary intake is increased and is restricted to a certain level where your diet can meet your bodily requirements. During this phase the individual is required to take a regular note on his weight to assure he is not gaining back the lost fat.


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