HCG Diet Basic Information

HCG Diet Basic Information

button1HCG today needs no introduction. One way or the other, everyone today is aware of HCG weight loss plan. HCG is basically a naturally occurring hormone that is present in both males and females but in dormant state. It becomes active during pregnancy when it metabolizes fats to nourish the developing embryo. In 1950 a British Physician, Dr. ATW Simeons noticed its unparallel capacity to metabolize fats and thought of an HCG diet plan to loose fats.

Today HCG tops the charts of weight loss plans available in the market. None of the weight loss plans have got such response as it has been claimed by the HCG Diet plan. The other reason for its rising popularity is its simple and convenient use. The person is required to take the HCG doses, either in the form injections or sub lingual doses. Along with the HCG doses the person has to rely on a very low calorie diet for a specified period of time like forty to forty five days. During that time period the person is required to consume lower calorie foods to restrict calorie intake to a certain limit.

The basic idea of Dr Simeons was to put an overweight person on diet that just supplies the minimal nutritional requirements of the body. In that case the body relies on stored fats for its energy requirements. Thus the person looses fats naturally. HCG is supposed to be a very good hunger suppressant, so there are no painful hunger pangs or carvings. And the user feels full of energy with this diet plan. And the person doesn’t need to be a part of heavy workouts and exercises.


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