HCG Diet And Exercise


HCG Diet And Exercise

Often a question is asked if exercise is essential while using the HCG weight loss plan? Well there are no hard and fast rules in this context but generally it is advised to avoid strenuous exercise while on HCG Diet.


HCG weight loss plan comprises of small doses of HCG that are taken along with the low calorie diet. This low calorie diet supplies the minimum nutritional requirement to the body, sufficient enough that body doesn’t switch to starvation mode. We all know that during workouts, our body requires more energy. Since we are doing HCG diet, we are not allowed to take calorie sufficient to perform strenuous exercises. Doing some jogging or stretching is good, but entering into some rigorous workout plan may completely disrupt your weight loss plan. You will feel hungry and show want for more food. In that case you will be consuming more calories than the practically set level.

Actually there is no need for any exercise or workout while on HCG weight loss plan. You can loose fats naturally without putting your body under pressure. And also if you continue with your exercise plan along with HCG weight loss, it is quite possible you may get some health complication or loss. So just stick to HCG doses and low calorie diet, to loose the extra fats from your body.


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