HCG as stated by the HCG physicians

HCG as stated by the HCG physicians

HCG has always been a part of controversy. Weight loss is a big issue in our society and there has always been conflicting claims between the supporters and opponents of HCG weight loss plan. Those who have lost fats are praising this protocol, while few others are disapproving its use for the sake of some health complications. This clearly brings those in dilemma who are quite impressed with the positive reviews from the HCG users and themselves want to use it, but controversial opposing claims by others make them take a step back.

Hence our HCG Experts took the initiative to explain the whole HCG weight loss plan and its controversy. He states“HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is already present there in both males and females. This usually remains dormant but becomes active during pregnancy. It is also the base for modern day pregnancy tests. Also it has been approved by FDA for infertility treatments. So those who think HCG is harmful and isn’t approved or fit to use, should give a second thought.”

He continues stating, “HCG with its active secretion triggers hypothalamus to raise the body metabolism that in turn reduces stored body fats in the mother to nourish developing fetus in her body. This remarkable capability of this hormone was noticed by Dr ATW Simeons back in 1950s. From there he postulated the HCG Diet plan that comprises of small doses of HCG along with a very low calorie HCG diet.”

Explaining the functioning of HCG diet he further stated “the main idea behind HCG Diet and dose plan was quite simple. Since HCG remains in dormant state, there was need to inject HCG from an external source that could retain the natural functioning in the blood stream and raise body metabolism to catalyze fat burning. We all know our body depends on breakdown of food that we consume to meet the energy requirements of the body. Dr Simeons smartly put the body on a starvation mode with the low calorie diet. Under such circumstances the body started relying on stored fats for its energy requirements.”

Answering to the question of HCG Diet side effects he stated,” HCG diet is no doubt a marvelous remedy but it isn’t fit for everyone. Certain health issues and individuals with certain health conditions are not permitted to use HCG for weight loss. Heath status of each individual is different. If your friend has lost his weight with HCG, it doesn’t mean you will have the same results as well. So it is essential that you have some consultation with some good doctor before starting with HCG diet plan.”

The conclusion of this interview was quite clear- HCG is natural, safe and effective formula to loose weight, provided you have got your health consulted with some good HCG Doctor.


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