Dr Simeons


Dr Simeons

Since the discovery of HCG by Dr Simeons, HCG has emerged as a popular way to do away with the extra fats from the body. Along with the small doses of HCG, a very low calorie diet is practiced. This low calorie diet just supplement the actions of HCG. Combination of little doses of HCG along with the low calorie Diet has been given to overweight men and women to decrease their appetite and help them lose weight specifically around their hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach.

The low calorie diet actually works to control the intake of fats from the body. When HCG mobilizes the body fats this low calorie diet assure that the person is not consuming any of the fats.

Several people fear this low calorie diet, but they need not be worried. Since HCG is a very good hunger suppressant the person never feels the hunger or carving for food. Our delicious HCG Diet entrees, soups, stews, bar, shakes and desserts can be a welcome addition to the original HCG diet food list. These products not only make the HCG diet more enjoyable and easier, but they have shown to increase the effectiveness of the original HCG diet, resulting in increased weight loss!

The products offered at the HCG Diet Online Store have been used successfully for weight loss by thousands of HCG Dieters. Avoid hunger pains while on the HCG Diet with support HCG Diet Products!

So check out our diet and drop plan and you can easily reduce the extra fats from your body, even the hard to remove fats as well.


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