Better Than HCG


Better Than HCG

Since the 1950’s, HCG has been one of the most popular weight loss products on the market producing dramatic weight loss results from ½ lb to 3 lbs per day. Through numerous research testing and individual case studies, HCG is now available in liquid form with all natural ingredients, requiring no injections or use of hormones. Better Than HCG is as the name implies, a new and improved weight loss product with two “new” key elements that make Better Than HCG one of the most widely sought after weight loss products currently on the market.

Combined with “Zero Hormones” and an increase in daily calorie consumption from 500 to 1,000 calories per day, Better Than HCG offers larger meals with a wider selection of available foods. With new developments and the improvement of an already extremely effective weight loss product, Better Than HCG takes weight loss to the next level with pre-mixed drops and daily self administration. Manufactured in the USA in FDA approved-licensed facilities, Better Than HCG is backed by an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee with “free shipping” on all orders.

Try Better Than HCG today. As a trusted, respected and well-publicized weight loss product with national accreditation, Better Than HCG is the beginning of a new life that is waiting to be discovered.

Better Than HCG: Looking Towards Tomorrow

Originally discovered in the 1950’s in hormones of pregnant women, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) has under gone extensive studies and testing to reveal a “new way” to control and reduce obesity without starvation dieting or rigorous exercise programs.  As a popular routine diet in Western Europe and Latin America for decades, the introduction of HCG diet program in the US set about new precedence’s in weight loss with unparalleled performance. Although the original HCG diet contained a small portion of viable hormones, advanced technology and research continued to proceed forward resulting in taking weight loss to the next level with, Better Than HCG.


As the name implies, Better Than HCG advances to the next level in weight loss with two distinctive elements, not offered or found on any other weight loss product. With advances in nutrition and in-depth research testing on actual case studies, the new and improved Better Than HCG no longer requires artificially injected or ingested hormones (Key Element #1), a by-product of the old HCG diet plan. With dramatic weight loss of ½ lb to 3lb per day, the Better Than HCG weight loss program new all natural supplements are designed to:

  • Signal the release of stored body fat.
  • Flush toxins out of the body.
  • Boost the body’s natural metabolism.
  • Suppress cravings for sugar, sweets and even soda.

Similar in structure to the old HCG diet plan, the Better Than HCG weight loss program increases daily calorie intake to 1,000 calories per day versus 500 calories of the old HCG diet plan. (Key Element #2) With increased energy and stamina, the Better Than HCG weight loss program allows the participant to eat larger meals with more food choices curbing hunger pains and midnight food cravings. With reduction of built-up toxins and bloating sensations, Better Than HCG blocks excess absorption of calories and fats accelerating the body’s natural ability to use stored nutrient-rich fats into the bloodstream, resulting in dramatic weight loss potential.

Of Notable Interest

Requiring no expensive injections or doctor’s visits, Better Than HCG weight loss program is self-administered daily. In droplet form, dispensed from an easy-to-use eye droplet, Better Than HCG is self-administered once in the morning and prior to each meal. Placed under the tongue, Better Than HCG begins to work immediately with visible results in less time with greater weight loss consistency over all other weight loss products currently on the market. With no reported side effects, Better Than HCG requires no refrigeration and is shipped discretely in easy-to-use 2oz bottles for greater mobility.

Setting Higher Standards

With numerous distributors available throughout the Internet offering a wide variety of HCG weight loss products, choosing a reputable Better Than HCG website can at times be a daunting task. Setting higher standards over those “other websites” that merely sell a weight loss product without on-going support, Better Than HCG reputable distributor websites offer a proven weight loss product made in the USA in FDA approved-licensed facilities. As a member of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, reputable Better Than HCG distributor websites go to great lengths to assure the highest quality product available backed by a 100% money-back  guarantee setting higher standards. Conducting thorough research on a weight loss product is advised prior to ordering.

Ordering Options

Depending on the website chosen, Better Than HCG websites offer three (3) ordering options; each designed to accomplish a specific weight loss goal. Offering deep discounts of up to seventy-two percent (72%) off suggested list prices, Better Than HCG ordering options are designed to fit into all budgets. From Starter Plans at $79.99 to the Basis Plan at $99.99 (List price of $179.99)  with and incredible $430.00 savings on the sixty (60) day plan, Better Than HCG weight loss program remains the best value-priced weight loss program on the market today. With “free” shipping included in all orders, regardless of plan selected, Better Than HCG weight loss program does much more than take weight loss to the next level.


Actual weight loss totals using the Better Than HCG weight loss program results may and often do vary from individual to individual. Losing weight is often a frequent “up-hill” battle for many individuals with frequent disappointing results. With willingness to achieve a pre-determined weight loss goal and the improvement of present lifestyles, Better Than HCG weight loss program “guarantees success” when used as directed. With nothing to lose but un-wanted pounds, daily use of Better Than HCG is looking towards tomorrow, today.


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