Hcg Diet

hcg dietThe HCG diet is a medication and diet plan in which there is no starving yourself or skipping meals just following the correct hormonal dosage and the diet set up for you can help you lose the weight you want to drop.

There are three phases to this diet and it is very important that they are followed exactly:

Phase one:                                                                          

The first phase allows you to eat as much food as you want as long as it is rich in fat. This allows fat to build and be stores to fight off hunger pains and headaches that are associated with low calorie diets. HCG will also start being injected to build the amount of hormones in the body which usually takes two days to be absorbed.

Phase two:                                                                        

This is the most important part of the diet, lasting anywhere from 26 – 42 days and a determined weight goal is a must at this point. Unlike phase one the diets meal plan must be followed exactly. It is a very food specific diet on how much to eat and digested by the body. You can only consume 500 calories a day with a high protein, low carb diet plan. The injections will continue on the same schedule until the last three days of the diet. On the last few days the meal plan but without the injections.

Phase three:                                                                        

The next phase can be the hardest maintaining your weight. If your goal has been met then the food choices change and you have more of a variety. Keep an eye on your weight and stay within a couple of pounds of your ideal weight.

Weight loss is not always easy and it takes much self-discipline. Set realistic goals and follow the plan and you will be on your way to your ideal goal.


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